Friday, August 31, 2018

New Ice Cream Sandwich Software Available For The Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has become one of the biggest selling smartphones of all time achieving record breaking sales globally. The phone operates on the all popular Google Android operating-system and comes supplied with the Gingerbread version from the platform set up on the device. There is now a software update available for this model which upgrades the TouchWiz for the new Ice Cream Sandwich version. We take a look at how this new software works on the phone.

Android ICS promises numerous improvements on the Samsung Galaxy S2 including enhanced performance and improved battery life. When using this new software initially the first thing you find will be the improved lock screen. This screen will be the same as the one used by the Samsung Galaxy Note and requires the person to set their finger on any point in the screen. When users perform this action a circle appears for the display and the finger simply must be dragged beyond this to unlock the product. 

This basically means that the user can is capable of doing shorter swipes to unlock the product that is a welcome improvement. If you prefer you may also decided to activate the facial skin recognition option which signifies that the handset may be unlocked simply by looking at top facing camera. The main menus on these devices are also tweaked and in lieu of presenting the user with several icons the device now uses an increased list format. This allows the device to supply more options towards the user. A vertically scrolling task list can also be accessed which lists all in the applications that are currently running. This is a new feature which allows users to consider full advantage in the multi tasking features that the product offers.

The new ICS software for your Samsung Galaxy S2 includes a new data usage monitor feature that allows users to hold track around the performance from the handset. This function keeps an eye on both mobile data and data used over WiFi. Users can set limits so that they be given a warning when the model is approaching the actual required data limit. Some in the native applications which can be attached to the device now boast some minor improvements thanks to this update. The Android music player for instance now offers an alternative for users to see the lyrics with the song they are playing. The web browser now features an incognito mode so no browsing history is stored and users may also save web pages which can be of curiosity for them. 

The photo gallery has become overhauled having an attractive new interface and some new editing features are also put into enable consumers to customize the appearance of these shots.

These are just some in the improvements that the new ICS Android platform delivers for the Samsung Galaxy S2. The new interface is visually more pleasing and the updates to numerous native applications are another impressive element of this new software.


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