Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Showcases

The New Android Ice Cream Sandwich Software

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus sits near the top of the manufacturer's range alongside the Galaxy Note. Released to showcase the upcoming Android version called Ice Cream Sandwich, I will examine a number of the main popular features of the program found on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.


Near Field Communication (NCF) technology may well turn into a mainstay with smartphones sooner, due to the convenience it proves to its users. NCF was originally developed to make cashless payments using you NCF enabled mobile phone. Currently the infrastructure isn't very widespread, however the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is getting ready to go once everything is set up. In the mean time, NCF may also be used in a similar fashion to the familiar Bluetooth technology, allowing users to wirelessly share data including multimedia files, apps, documents and contacts.

Face Recognition

This has become a feature found on several smartphone cameras recently, nevertheless the Samsung Galaxy Nexus utilised it is really an innovative way. Thanks to an extra camera about the front with the handset, users can unlock the device by face recognition, so you shouldn't have to input a PIN code or password. This can be described as a real-time saver, and is arguably more impressive than biometric fingerprint scanners that happen to be entirely on phones such as the Motorola Atrix.

User Interface

Ice Cream Sandwich has seen what is arguably the biggest overhaul in terms from the appearance of their interface, from a version of Android so far. A lot of attention has become paid to making it more user-friendly; users can switch between apps in a single swipe, where there are shortcut keys for the screen as opposed to the capacitive shortcut keys available on previous Android devices. There is often a shortcut which displays your of late used apps, so that your most often used apps are just a touch away. When the handset is switched on, updates are automatically loaded through the booting up process, which saves the job of searching for updates manually.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus obviously has numerous more features which will make it a unique device. Aside in the new main system, users are also treated to one from the best touchscreens in the industry. At 4.65 inches, the screen boasts a whopping resolution of 720x 1280, rendering it the initial true HD AMOLED screen. This provides outstanding image quality, which is highly responsive due to a 1.2 gigahertz dual core processor. There is also a 5 megapixel camera, which although won't have the very best pixel count, still produces pleasing still images and also 1080p full HD video.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is one of the smartphones which can be truly at the leading edge. You may have preference for one more brand including Apple, but there is no denying until this is but one from the most impressive smartphone available. 


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